We offer routine gynecological care, including: Testing for cervical cancer (Pap or VIA)
Cervical cancer education and treatment of suspicious findings with cryotherapy
Breast exams and education about breast cancer
Gynecological ultrasound
Education and consultations on gender and sexuality 
Day clinics in rural areas 
Care and treatment for victims of sexual violence 
Integral Care of Incomplete Abortion - APA-
Counseling and treatment of STIs


Our humanized and natural choices for pregnant women provide a safe alternative to delivering in the hospital.    Every birth is attended by a midwife or other professional and our services include:                                                               
Prenatal classes for couples
Humanized birth and cesarean prevention Childbirth accompanied by family members, Newborn screening and education about healthy newborns, Promotion of breastfeeding, Postpartum care for mother and baby


Our informative talks for clients include:
Family Planning, Comprehensive Education on Sexuality  for Adolescents and Young Adults, Attention for  Victims of Sexual Violence, Ample variety of family planning options.                                                                                               
Before a client chooses the method that best suits her, we provide extensive counseling to explain the positive and negative aspects of each method offered. Available options include:                                                                                
IUDOral contraceptive pills Jadelle (a reversible implant for 5 years), Ciem (one-month injection),  Depo Provera (the three-month injection) 


We offer pediatric services two mornings per week, working with Dr. Sandra Acajabón, pediatrician and pediatric homeopath, who does consultations for newborns, babies and toddlers. At each visit Dr. Acajabón educates parents about the health and welfare of their children. She provides monitoring for the development of healthy children, as well as as consultations for children with health problems. Our waiting room is filled during the days that Sandra is here