¨A safe and welcoming health care environment where women are served by women.¨

Asociación Manos Abiertas Director 

Hannah has over 20 years experience in midwifery and has attended over 2,000 births  in Guatemala. Born in Germany, Hannah moved to Guatemala in 1,988 and has four children. Hannah trained as a Professional Midwife at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, Texas, a border town between the US and Mexico. There, she discovered her interest in working with marginalised communities at risk. Prior to the opening of AMA, Hannah co-owned Ixmucane, a birth centre in Antigua. In addition to delivering babies, the clinic provided continuing education to traditional midwives. At AMA, Hannah strives to deliver high quality care accessible to all women without discrimination.


Maria Bocel

Professional Services Provider 

Mari started working with AMA helping with the cleanup, but soon began to support taking histories and giving family planning counseling. With the help of Manos Abiertas she finished school and has now finished her nursing studies. She hopes to reach university level. She is currently our assistant director. 

Diana Samayoa

Project Manager

Diana manages and coordinates projects with Manos Abiertas including the internship program. She also supports clinic services once a week and in emergencies. Diana has great passion and experience in sexual and reproductive health, maternity and breastfeeding.

Astrid Torres

Administrative Area 

Astrid Torres began working at AMA in January 2017 as a volunteer, helping with database management. She works for another institution which allows her to volunteer her time and expertise with AMA. Currently, she supports and manages the administrative area.

Evelyn Chicol

Cleaning Area

Evelyn helps with general cleaning duties at the clinic so she can finance  her studies.

Sandra Acajabón

Pediatrician and Pediatric Homeopath
Dr. Acajabón is responsible for providing pediatric visits two mornings a week at the clinic. At each visit Dr. Acajabón educates parents about the health and welfare of their children, as well as consultations for for parents of children with health problems.

Carmen Ordoñez

Conferences and Talks Coordinator 

For seven years, Carmen worked with ALAS, a local reproductive health NGO, performing the "rapid test" (VIA) for cervical cancer screening.  With ALAS Carmen learned  risk factors, prevention and timely treatment of cervical cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in Guatemalan women. Carmen experienced violence in her marriage and after divorcing decided to get an education and live her own life.  At AMA, Carmen is responsible for seminars and lectures on sexual and reproductive health.

Copyright 2020 Manos Abiertas  | Site Designed by IKOgrafic

Copyright 2020 Manos Abiertas  | Site Designed by IKOgrafic

Copyright 2020 Manos Abiertas  | Site Designed by IKOgrafic

Copyright 2020 Manos Abiertas  | Site Designed by IKOgrafic

Copyright 2020 Manos Abiertas  | Site Designed by IKOgrafic